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Foundation of the company Franz Juchem, Eppelborn
Wholesale trade and mills, foodstuff, meal, coal and agricultural products 

Retail trade with building materials 

Purchase of Lorraine mill in Lebach
Oil and cereal mill, sawmill 

Idea for mixed fodder production in the presentation of Prof. Brune, Göttingen 

Mixed fodder production commenced as a concessionary company PROVIMI 

Establishment of a mixed fodder plant (ELCA) in Dieuze/ Moselle, France

First sales of laying hen foodstuff for battery hens to Hofgut St. Gangolf of the Boch family for a Mac-Master battery

Dr. Kudlich employed as scientific officer for animal nutrition

A separate gestation foodstuff for sows (Gravida) is marketed for the first time 

Establishment of the animal feed laboratory in Eppelborn 

DLG quality sign for mixed fodder 

First IT system in the administrative office in Eppelborn 

Development of the Frijet process for fat pulverisation and construction of a plant for producing fat powder for animal nutrition 

Construction of a upright silo I and extension of the mixed fodder plant in Lebach 

Construction of the upright silo II and the rail track system in Lebach

Purchase of Arthur Meyer GmbH & Co KG, Grossrosseln (brand name "Megro") 

Purchase of the ex-dairy site in Eppelborn 

Construction of a tower mill in Lebach for wheat flour 

Establishment of the foodstuffs plant I using the Frijet process in Eppelborn 
Construction of the fat plant Lebach – after burning on 1st April 1975 

Purchase of Hochwald Hühnerfarm GmbH, Büschfeld (50.000 laying hens in Heddert/Rhineland-Palatinate) 

Construction of a rye preparation system in Lebach 

Construction of silo III in Lebach - for a further 10,000 t storage 

Construction of a foodstuffs plant II in Eppelborn, according to the Frijet process

Foundation of the Prümburg Institute (laboratory) , Eppelborn 

Development and research work in the area of modern, healthy nutrition and problems of animal nutrition 

Construction of a cereal preparation system and a dog food plant in Grossrosseln

Construction of an egg products plant in Weiskirchen-Konfeld 

1. June 1991
Purchase of Bliesmühle GmbH, Blieskastel- Breitfurt 

1. February 1992
Purchase of Kurt Schmalz GmbH, manufacturer of foam sugar products, Fuldatal-Ihringshausen 

Conversion of Elca S.à.r.l., Dieuze 

June 1992
Bliesmühle: capacity consolidation through installation of a new roll mill 

January 1993
Purchase of the agricultural department of May Holding GmbH & Co KG, Blankenheim/Eifel and change of company name from Agrarhandel Illingen GmbH in May Landhandel GmbH 
December 1993
Award of the "Saarland Environmental Prize 1993" by Environmental Minister Jo Leinen 

15. September 1994 
Ground-breaking ceremony for the egg products plant in Konfeld 

30. September 1994
Ground-breaking ceremony for the foodstuffs plant in Eppelborn 

February 1995 
Commissioning of the new egg sorting system in Konfeld 

December 1995 
Expansion of the sales field: May Blankenheim purchases the direct marketing for "optiva – calf milk substitutes” on the right bank of the Rhine from Milchwerken Cologne/Wuppertal (brand name "Tuffi") 

March 1996 
Enzyme plant of Juchem GmbH in Eppelborn commences production 

June 1996
Installation of the "crack-detecting system" in the egg sorting unit in Konfeld 
July 1996
Foodstuffs plant is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 

May 1999
Relocation of the foam sugar production from Fuldatal- Ihringshausen to Eppelborn 

August 99
Official opening of the foam sugar production in Eppelborn by the premier of Saarland 

The Prümburg Institute is accredited in accordance with "Art. 3 Para. (1) of the Directive 93/99/EEC of the Council concerning “Additional measures in the area of official foodstuffs monitoring"

Opening of the Edsch direct sales of foam sugar products in Fuldatal-Ihringshausen

May Agricultural Trade opens a “Kiebitz” market in Blankenheim

Internet presence http://juchem.de

March 2002
May Agricultural Trade opens a market for animals and gardens in Kempenich 

July 2002
Commissioning of a packaging system for packing cake and bread baking mixtures in folding cartons with inner bag 

October 2002
Completion and authorisation of a pilot project for cleaning the wastewater from egg pasteurisation 

Establishment of a state-of-the-art laboratory for microbiology

The chemical laboratory is equipped with new apparatuses for analysis (HPLC, GC) 

May Agricultural Trade opens a “Kiebitz” market in Illingen

Bliesmühle passes IFS preliminary audit 

Juchem Finalist in the ”Entrepreneur 2003“ 

March 2004 
The plant in Lebach with the production facilities mixed foodstuff plant, fat plant, wheat and rye mill is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and Q+A; manufacture and sale of fat powder and post-milling products as well as trade with cereals and individual animal feeds certified according to GMP 13.

June 2004
Erection of a sugar silo in the egg product plant in Konfeld 

September 2004
The Konfeld plant is certified according to IFS Version 04 

11. September 2004
Franz Josef Juchem is awarded the "Major Prize for Medium-sized Companies 2004" by the Oskar-Patzelt Foundation 

24. October 2004
Premier Peter Müller awards the title “Agriculturalist of Outstanding Merit“ to Franz Josef Juchem – 3rd title holder in Saarland

5. December 2004
Franz Josef celebrates his 70th birthday

3. January 2005
Sale of the foam sugar production to Grabower

18. January 2005
The book “Ein Haus – eine Familie. Das Bachmichel-Haus zu Eppelborn“ (One House – One Family, The Bachmichel Haus in Eppelborn) is published

August 2005
Accreditation of the Prümburg Institute in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2000 

September 2005 The Konfeld plant is recertified according to the International Food Standard Version 04 (higher level) 

November 2005
Market launch of the "real men" baking mixtures 

December 2005
Bliesmühle is recertified according to the International Food Standard Version 04 (higher level). 


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