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A house – a family

Das Bachmichel-Haus zu Eppelborn (The Bachmichel house at Eppelborn)
Franz Josef Juchem and Johannes Naumann

The present work traces the development of a settlement area from the High Middle Ages to the present day, taking the Bachmichel house at Eppelborn as an example. Over six centuries of Saarland regional history are presented based on the Hofplatz in the Sonntagsgarten at Eppelborn and the lives of its occupants. 

A case study for the family as an example – building and regional history on the Saar, which is almost a manual for all those who wish to research the history of the their family and their house. 

212 pages, cloth binding, dust cover and thread binding. Numerous photos and plans, the majority in colour. 
Supplement: a family tree of the family Juchem, an extensive representation of the development of the house over six centuries, a CD with numerous photos and plans as well as a several hundred page genealogy of the present Juchem family. 

The basis for the book is provided by detailed building investigations, whose results are combined with the meticulously carried out research in numerous archives at home and abroad. At the same time, the plethora of detailed information is just as surprising as the unexpected results from the scientific analyses, such as the oldest wood sample of the Saarland on a building still standing from the 14th century. 

The facts obtained form, as it were, a framework for the family history associated with the Hofplatz. Owned by the family Juchem since the second half of the 18th century, the families Klein and Sonntag could be identified as predecessor families who can be traced back to the time before the Thirty Years War. 

Memories and anecdotes of the owner Franz Josef Juchem lend the book a special touch. At the same time, questions are posed concerning preserving historical buildings in our villages, and a modern usage concept presented. This is all accompanied with an appeal to the world of politics and the population for preserving our villages. 

Franz Josef Juchem 
Farmer of Outstanding Merit, entrepreneur, born 1934, Managing Director of the Juchem Group. 

Johannes Naumann 
Historian and numismatist, born 1972, studied history and art history, Member of the Board of the Historical Association for the Saar Region and the Regional Association of Historical-Cultural Associations of the Saarland. Numerous publications including on the barons of Hagen, Tholey Abbey a the Schaumburg Office. 
Order for the price of € 19.95 plus € 2.80  for postage and packing, telephone: 06881/800-265.   

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