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Our guiding model

Our guiding model

Our image and identity
Who are we? 

We are a medium-sized family company. 
We produce foodstuffs for people and animals. 
Our products serve healthy eating. 
Our products are safe, transparent and traceable. 
When dealing with our customers, suppliers, employees and the environment we strive to achieve results fair for everyone involved. 

Our values
What is important to us? 

The satisfaction of our customers is at the centre of our activities. 
We work towards continuous further development on the level of personal and technical competence as well as on the level of the company – in respect to products and technologies. 
Our relations with employees, customers and suppliers are characterised by 

         · Fairness 
         · Tolerance 
         · Trust 
         · Respect. 

Our communication internally and externally and our business dealings are distinguished by openness, honesty and a sense of responsibility. 
We also care for natural resources and the environment. 

Our vision
What do we want? 

We further develop the individual business divisions so as to achieve an optimum size of business in the individual market segments. 
We develop new, innovative products and hence increase the competitiveness of our customers. 
We achieve this through

         · a high level of customer loyalty and sustainable growth 
         · a high level of identification and creativity among staff 
         · use of modern production methods 
         · a high level of product quality 
         · product safety from the raw material to the end product. 


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