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Our philosophy

Our philosophy

The seed grain must thrive in a healthy soil, so that it can first germinate and then sprout. The plant then breaks through the soil and ripens. The natural cycle between ground, air and water forms the underlying conditions for this process. Only when it is allowed to flourish, can high-quality and healthy foodstuffs be obtained. 

Ethical thinking and acting for people, animals and the environment is the premise for the Juchem Group. It is only possible to consider ethical thinking and acting once the most essential of all human needs is fulfilled: nutrition. 

Even before the attributes "bio" or "eco" entered our vocabulary, the Juchem Group had long endeavoured to treat natural resources with the utmost respect and only produce the best and healthiest foodstuffs and primary foodstuff products. 

A closed production cycle involving raw materials obtained, processed nutrients and returned, recyclable residual materials follows the natural cycles in agriculture in line with the expectations of the Juchem Group. 

The products of the Juchem Group are attained through production processes which follow the cycle of nature as closely as possible and hence protect the sensitive ingredients as greatly as possible using state-of-the-art technology. 

All of the foodstuffs produced by Juchem have a common denominator: they move in a natural and logical cycle. Each step of production must be comprehensible and controllable. 

This vision does not exclude tradition and innovation – on the contrary, it encourages fertile links between them.


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