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Juchem has been producing and marketing mixed feedstuffs for agricultural livestock for over 50 years. 
Our success is ensured by the incorporation of new nutrition-physiological insights in practical feeding, intensive feeding and management consultancy on site while considering the underlying commercial conditions, as well as a high standard of mixed feedstuff quality through the use of select and predominantly native primary materials. 

The certifications according to ISO 9000:2001, QS and GMP 13 are an integral element of our quality philosophy. 

We market our mixed feedstuffs via subsidiaries in Southwest Germany, the Eiffel, Luxemburg and Eastern France. 

Range of products

Mixed feedstuffs for 
-  Cattle (dairy cows, fattening bulls and calves) 
- Poultry (laying hens, young hens and chicks) 
- Horses 
- Sheep and goats 
- Pigs 

Mineral feedstuff for 
- Dairy cows 
- Sheep and goats 

Individual feedstuffs 

Milk substitute products 
The processing of high-quality dairy products into milk substitute products for young animals forms a further important pillar of the business segment. 

Our experience and expertise are also utilised in the production of milk substitute concentrates of other manufacturers. 

Fat powder 
With the internationally patented "Frijet" process, Juchem has pioneered a technological lead in processing liquid vegetable fats and fat-like substances (emulsifiers, lecithins) into fat powders. Mixed feedstuffs for agricultural livestock are upgraded in terms of energy with these fat powders. 

A further important use of these rumen-stable fats is the direct feeding to high-yield cows, in order to boost their energy. 
This innovative technology of fat spraying enables us to fulfil special customer requirements. 

The fat powders are sold throughout Europe via our trading partners.

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