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Fats and emulsifiers

Food primary ingredients for: 
Waffle industry, bread and fine bakery products, soup and sauce production, bakeries, baking agent industry, emergency nutrition, chocolate production and athlete nutrition 
- Fat powder for soups and sauces 
- Fat for carrier substances 
- Emulsifiers, lecithin and mono-diglycerides 
- Baking agents 
- Baking fats and shortenings 
- Mixture of pure enzymes with various carrier substances (e.g. flour,   
- Flour improvers 
- Semi-finished products for finished flours 
- Chocolate hardeners 

Baking mixtures 
- Ready baking mixtures (industry/trade/commerce) 
- Finished flours 

Food primary ingredients 
In the area of primary ingredient production for the modern foodstuffs industry, a core focus lies in the production of powders from liquid fats and emulsifiers. A powder is essentially easier to mix in than a liquid component. 
The basis for the production of powdered fats and emulsifiers is the Frijet Process patented by Juchem in the 1960s, a special method for processing liquid substances into powdered substances. 

Our product range comprises 

- Monoglycerides and diglycerides of cooking fatty acids E 471 
- Diacetyltartrate DAWE 80% E 472 e 
- Lecithin powder with a lecithin content of up to 40%, which is available 
  not encapsulated 

Mixtures from the above powders such as: 

- Customized baking agents which we can create according to your individual wishes
  and production requirements. 
- Pre-mixtures for producing flat waffles 
- Concentrates for the production of yeast dough flours, which already contain fat, 
  sugar, flavourings, salt etc., so that only 25% of the 
  concentrate has to be mixed with 75% wheat flour, in order to
  obtain a ready yeast dough. 
- Soya, palm fat powder with a content of up to 100 % pure fat, without
  carrier substances or antioxidants 
- Baking mixtures for the production of biscuits, Madeira cake, muffins, 
  Stirred cakes etc. 

Baking mixtures 
The Juchem Group is one of the pioneers in the market segment of ready cake flours. We have been developing and producing ready flours for around 50 years. 

What began with the development of simple recipes such as ready yeast flours or Madeira cake ready flours, in particular for the bakery sector, has been successfully consolidated in the past two decades. Thanks to successful cooperation with sales partners, a good market position could be attained for ourselves and our partners in the segment for cake baking mixtures. However, the innovations extend far beyond conventional baking mixtures. Following the current trend towards small-portioned convenience products, the microwave baking mixture “easy” has been developed which – unique in the German market – creates a cake to serve up on the table within
3 minutes available in 3 delicious flavours. 

The intensive, customer-oriented development is being pursued in the baking mixtures product group as well. Besides the large assortment of cake baking mixtures, the complete range also comprises baking mixtures for breads and fine baking (e.g. Christmas baking products). Many standard products can also be produced as baking mixtures suitable for diabetics. 

The product range is marketed via the distribution channels of the bakery sector, industry and food retail trade.


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