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Hulling mill

Hulling mill products originating from conventional and controlled ecological cultivation 

The Juchem subsidiary Megro GmbH & Co KG is based in Grossrosseln. 
The modern flake mill has its origin in the manorial Grossrosseln mill which was documented historically as early as  the year 1000. Since 1861 the mill has being rolling, desiccating, grinding, crushing, coarse-grinding and mixing. Nowadays, the company supplies raw produce, half-finished produce and finished produce for industry, bulk consumers, traders and exports. “Megro“ produces seeds, groats, flakes, flours, coarse meal and further special products (e.g. oat bran) from various types of cereal such as oats, barley, rye, wheat or spelt. Special attention is placed on tremendous quality for all products. The consistent implementation of this quality strategy at the highest level was recognised in the spring of 2005 by awarding the IFS Certificate (International Food Standard). Further certificates such as ISO 9001 and BIO-Business Certificate underscore the effective application of our quality management systems. 

Production and range of produce 

- Whole grain oat flakes (large leaf, small leaf), desiccated oat flakes 
- Oat seeds, oat groats, oat flour, oat bran 
- Barley flakes, barley seeds, barley groats, barley flour 
- Wheat flakes, wheat groats, coarse meal wheat, whole grain wheat flour 
- Rye flakes, rye groats, coarse meal rye, whole grain rye flour 
- Shelled spelt, spelt flakes, whole grain spelt flour, coarse meal spelt 
- Flakes from rice and millet 

We offer the same range of produce for bio-cereals from controlled ecological cultivation as we do for conventional produce. 

Brand names are also produced besides the well-known proprietary brands. 


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